Adventure Library

Library of Life, Leadership, Learning, and Adventure

This library consists of various submissions, stories, models, photographs, and other wonderful resources, 'adventurous' material, and snippets of wisdom. Many are written by Jonathan himself, others are written and submitted by various experts (. . . including children), adventurers, leaders, and associates in our world. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do, and can use them in your living, working, playing, and everyday leadership adventures.

Stay tuned - this page gets updated regularly! If you wish to send in a submission, please email and we would be happy to review it.

Currently Available:

Stay tuned for:

  • Jonathan Willcocks - IRONMAN Canada - My Personal Journey.
  • Jonathan Willcocks - Thailand Adventure Tales:
    • Bangkok Streets & Alleys & Early Morning Monks
    • Climbing & Caving in Krabi
    • Landrovers, River Rafts & Elephants - A Jungle Adventure Safari
  • Jonathan Willcocks - "The Mom & Son" All-Star Weekend, Houston 2006. Includes an interview with Mrs. Shaquille O-Neale on Family Relationships.
  • Jonathan Willcocks - Attempting to Beat the Human Record - Rowing Across Canada.
  • Jonathan Willcocks - Porteau: Stories from a BC Wilderness Bootcamp.
  • Jonathan Willcocks - Outward Bound, Scotland - 3 Weeks in the Northern Hebrides when I was 14.
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