Below, are a few comments and testimonials that individuals and client groups have shared about their coaching, leadership, seminars, and adventure experiences with Jonathan Willcocks and the Pinnacle Pursuits' team. Some clients and participants have chosen to stay partially or fully confidential.

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Coaching Clients

"This was an excellent course . . . as a result of great preparation and personal skills by Jonathan Willcocks. I would be prepared to pay a much higher fee for this kind of program - something I have never said before."
   - Gillian

"Great coach, educator, and trainer - a very well organized course."
   - Pat

"Jonathan's coaching style and presentation skills are energizing and he shares excellent frameworks for professionals to develop their personal missions in work and life."
   - Glenn, Consultant

"These sessions really help focus me on my next big personal change - you give me the courage to see that I can pursue my passion, and challenge myself out of my comfort zone to do what makes me happy."
   - Lisa Zurn, Ph. D

"I have really enjoyed my sessions with you. They lend insight into my office dynamics, and have allowed me to discover things that I didn't know about myself and reaffirm that which I did."    - James, Branch Manager

"I have been learning so much about myself and all the others around me, that I now have a very different outlook regarding all kinds of issues and am more inspired to see my 'problems' more as fun challenges to overcome!"    - Jackie, Accountant

"Thank you for organizing a wonderful 2-day team-building retreat. You are talented and skilled team of facilitators. A virtual team has many challenges, but this retreat will help us overcome them. Thank you for your listening to and accommodating our needs, inspiring and supporting our goals, and nurturing our growth."    - Sonia Manak, Project Director, Canada National Parks Project Team

"Great presentation style and very dynamic speaker."

"Your goal-setting techniques, combining loves and skills to achieve goals is great! . . . It makes sense, feels positive, and is so doable! Thank you!"

"You make me feel validated in my personal pursuit of excellence in my work."

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Schools, Colleges & Universities

Brentwood College
"Thanks for a great keynote for our high school students. You had the student's full attention, and the way you used examples from real life and drew from the experiences of figures that students hold in high regard, was very effective. The way you applied situations from the students' everyday life helped them come away with tangible lessons about leadership. The overall feeling from the keynote was positive, inspiring and engaging. You were able to throw away any agenda approach and engage with the students!"
   - Andrea Felix, Leadership Co-ordinator, Brentwood High School, BC

T. Homma Elementary, Richmond, BC
"Jonathan, your speech, energy, and inspiring stories were great! You are well spoken, created a comfortable bond with the students, and had some teens participating and offering their views, who never otherwise get involved. The team-building event was a hit - we really saw the students working together, having fun, and finishing the year with amazing memories! . . . your whole team really helped bring out the best energy in everyone! Thank you, it was a great day!"
   - Genie Schaap, Parent Advisory Committee & Project Coordinator

Surrey School Board, Surrey, B.C. "Dear Jonathan: Thank you for being a conference presenter - you were such an integral part of our annual event this year. Your activities and information were well received by all of our teachers and young leaders, and have contributed to making our conference a real success - we appreciate all the lessons you have taught us today, and are already planning and hoping to have you back next year! Thank you."
   - Leadership Conference Committee

Camp Goodtimes, Canadian Cancer Society
"Our students have stated that the achievements they made with Jono and his staff at the Pinnacle Pursuits programs were among their greatest in their lives and changed them in a significant and positive way! . . . Pinnacle Pursuits is a great company doing amazing things to change people's lives."
   - David MacKenzie, Coordinator of Operations

Coast Capital Savings Youth Leadership Team
"I just wanted to say that our Coast Capital Youth Team had an amazing experience with you. The program was well organized, interactive, fun and enjoyable! Your team was upbeat and memorable and helped create unforgettable memories and experiences. I honestly believe that because of this program our teams will work in a team environment more efficiently and effectively."
   - Manpreet Bajwa, Youth Team Leader

St. Michaels University School, Victoria, BC
"Throughout our sixth year association with Jonathan Willcocks and Pinnacle Pursuits, I have been most impressed with the high level of professionalism exhibited by all staff . . . they are experienced educators that share excellent facilitation skills and consistently earn the praise and respect of both our teaching staff and our students."
   - Peter McLeod; Director-Outdoor Education

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Meadowridge School; Maple Ridge, BC
"I have to commend Jonathan and Pinnacle Pursuits on the motivational experiences and adventure-based programs they provide for our classes. They have proven to be helpful, dedicated, positive, flexible, and professional when working with our staff and students. We appreciate the contribution and energy you give to our students each year."
   - Mr. Steve Olah; Head of Secondary School

Our Lady of Fatima School; Vancouver, B.C.
"My students could not stop talking about all the great activities, and what they accomplished during our short program with you . . . You were all amazing at teaching and guiding my students and at a giving them life skills to focus on . . . We were so impressed with Pinnacle Pursuits organization, dedication and the unbelievable knowledge of your staff, that we want to book again, as soon as possible, for next year."
   - Gabe Finnigan; Teacher

St. Margaret's School; Victoria, B.C.
"Jonathan, I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for the amazing program you offered our students. We had a wonderful experience and we certainly appreciated your professionalism and expertise. You and your staff were extremely successful in inspiring our students to challenge themselves, to work cooperatively and most importantly, to have a great deal of fun!"
   - Deb Secco; Teacher

Queen Elizabeth Secondary School; Vancouver, BC
". . . it was quite inspirational to watch dozens of teens working together and putting into practice what they were learning about leadership and co-operation. Students were kept constantly busy and were challenged mentally, physically and emotionally . . . If anyone is looking for a fun and effective way to fulfill the personal development component of class, or would like to prepare students for careers that demand teamwork skills, I highly recommend the Pinnacle Pursuits experience!"
   - Lizanne Foster; Teacher, Personal Development and Career Planning

Sauder School of Business, UBC
"Jonathan and Cheryl and the Pinnacle Team: Thanks for your wonderful team building interventions on our MBA Orientation day. They were ideal for the time and space we had and they had a strong impact on the students. I am sure each team will have an enhanced opportunity to succeed as a result of your efforts. I am looking forward to continuing to work with you regularly with our next groups."
   - Dr. Peter Frost; Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Author of Toxic Emotions at Work

Student Ambassador Assoc & Alumni Services, University of Victoria
"It was an honour to have participated in a leadership retreat with a company that has such passion and love for enabling groups to reach their optimal potential . . . your team brought compassion, aspiration, and enthusiasm to our group and assisted us in attaining our goals. Everyone came away from the day with a renewed sense of being and accomplishment for oneself, each other, and the group as a whole."
   - Megan Kirk & Linda Nicoll, Manager, Alumni Programs

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Corporate Clients & Organizations

"Great presentation style and very dynamic speaker."

""Very nice job. Your enthusiasm for material was contagious. Models are practical and useful and well worth the time. Thank you."

"Jonathan's coaching style and presentation skills are energizing and he shares excellent frameworks for professionals to develop their personal missions in work and life."
   - Glenn, Consultant

Pepsico International
"It was also a pleasure to work with you and to witness the magic that you created with the group. Thank you for the extra effort you made to assure the alignment of the workshop with our learning theme and objectives. The workshop was a big success and was highly rated. We are very pleased and looking forward to next year training sessions. You are a great person, and your passion, insights, and enthusiasm taught us many lessons during the week."
   - Gerardo Sánchez Guízar, Corporate Training Manager, PepsiCo International, Sabritas Region

Professional Convention Management Association
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pinnacle Pursuits for the outstanding leadership event you produced for our group during our conference in Vancouver. The fun and creative event exceeded all of our expectations . . . We will definitely call on your services again!"
   - Kelly Peacy, CAE, VP, Strategic & Organizational Initiatives

YPO Alberta Chapter Retreat
"It was just short of phenomenal. A combination of mental and physical skills, heavily sprinkled with team building . . . the fun and celebration factor was 9.9 out of 10 . . . it was our best YPO (member-only) retreat in 12 years!"
   - Marc Bombenon, President; PDL Mobility, YPO Member

Future Shop Inc.
"Since 1999, I have hired Pinnacle Pursuits for various team building and leadership retreats for a diverse range of objectives with different project groups . . . I have been personally impressed with the professionalism and creativity that the Pinnacle Pursuits team brings to each assignment."
   - Shauna Grinke; HR Manager

Electronic Arts Canada
"Thank you for the enjoyable team-building day you conducted for us at Electronic Arts Canada . . . it was received with great enthusiasm . . . The quality of your service and the passion and experience you bring to everything you do is evident in the results you attained from our team. Thanks again for a wonderful job, a well-designed day and an amazing experience."
   - Lynda Brown; Development Director

Coast Capital Savings
"The participants had nothing but positive feedback with regards to the experience. Taking away significant learning about themselves and their new team members was a common theme . . . I highly recommend Pinnacle Pursuits and the work they do. Any organization or group that uses their talents will see immediate results."
   - James Olson; Specialist, Employee Development

Canada National Education Specialist Team
"On behalf of the Canada National Education Specialist Team, thank you for organizing a wonderful 2-day team-building retreat. You are talented and skilled facilitators. A virtual team has many challenges, but this retreat will help us overcome them. Thank you for your listening to and accommodating our needs, inspiring and supporting our goals, and nurturing our growth."
   - Sonia Manak, Project Director

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"Your workshop remains fresh in my mind. I was continually impressed with how problems you presented had analogs in my typical workday . . . Leadership turned out to be a lot more about listening and achieving consensus than directing the action! I think by taking us out of the office, into unfamiliar surroundings, and by presenting new problems, you provided a rare perspective. The lessons I brought back from your session are ones I can use at my desk, right now. We all benefited tremendously. Thank you."
   - Michael Robin, APR; Senior Editor

i2 Computer Software
"I have been to many team-building seminars with IBM, Compaq, and other hi-tech computer firms that I have worked with. The experience I had with you, however, surpasses, all of these. It was fun, meaningful, personal, and highly focused to our objectives. The activities you chose were nothing to what I have ever seen before :: they were dynamic and creative, and the way you worked with the group was challenging and inspiring. I have already been using the new skills I learned and will be looking forward to working with you in our next workshop. Thank you."
   - Dean Hachey; Director of Sales

The Bread Garden
"I thought the recent AGM Retreat was terrific! The venue was excellent and the facilitators were great. The Pinnacle Group was very effective at leading the group through a meaningful series of experiences over the two days. The schedule offered a good balance of bonding with one another through team-building exercises, inspirational stories and overall learning! Thank you."
   - Martin; Manager

YPO Alaska Family Cruise 2005
"On behalf of the whole YPO Committee . . . we were absolutely ecstatic with the job that Pinnacle did in every detail that went into the care and programming of over 900 people during this 1-week Alaska Cruise Family Event. You were thorough, professional and creative . . . and helped make this project an incredible success. Thank you for everything!"
   - David Lamb; CEO & President, Legacy Automation; Project Chair

Sturm Enterprises
"Jonathan and Cheryl were great to work with - their energy, their spark, their enthusiasm, and their passion for what they do was very clear. The whole team was professional, conscientious and hard working, excellent team players, and maintained a high level of care for everyone involved, and had exceptional leadership and management abilities . . . I would strongly recommend Pinnacle Pursuits in providing an exciting and fun-filled experience for most any group looking for a unique, meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime experience."
   - Rollie Sturm, CEO; YPO Member

The Turner Corporation
Pinnacle pursuits was a pleasure to work with. They provided an outstanding service with a strong group of staff. And I would be happy to call on their expertise again. I recommend their services to any group looking for a well lead, well managed, memorable, unique experience."
   - Thomas C. Leppert, Chairman and CEO; YPO Member

YPO Alberta Chapter Retreat
"Jonathan and Cheryl put together a 3-day long retreat in Jasper for the Alberta YPO Chapter. It was themed "Adventures in Leadership". Pinnacle was exceptional to work with . . . their professionalism, creativity design, risk management . . . and an incredible program itinerary coupled with a wonderful team of leadership facilitators and adventure educators helped make this one of the best YPO retreats in many years!"
   - Brad Sparrow, CEO & President, VOXCOM Security Systems; and James Cumming, CEO & President, Princeton Developments; YPO Members and Co-Chairs

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