8 Keys to Highly Effective Teams

Unlock your potential with the 8 Keys to Highly Effective Teams

Proven foundational building blocks that connect people, build dynamic teams, inspire positive growth, and elevate your game!

People are the direct link between business and bottom-line.

People drive relationships, and relationships drive business.

In response to the need for creating more intentional, purpose-driven, relationship-based business cultures, we have created an evolutionary learning and development model and tool which moves people, their relationships, and business forward. We call it the Pinnacle Performance Pyramid™ or The 8 Keys to Highly Effective Teams.


  • A common language that empowers communication
  • Ways to provide objective, open, and constructive feedback
  • Ability to speak with confidence


  • Increased self-awareness
  • Knowledge and respect of diverse strengths and capabilities
  • realizing how contributions impact organizational performance


  • Confidence in self, the team, and the organization
  • Established and shared norms
  • Fostered accountability and support


  • A disciplined approach to assessing problems
  • Collaborative, results-focused solutions
  • Applied creativity and innovation


  • Recognizing, then stretching beyond the boundaries
  • Commitment to new directions
  • Contribution to innovation


  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of new beginnings
  • Clearly defined expectations and approaches
  • Support and commitment in driving change


  • Celebrate achievement
  • Continued application of team strengths

This is the qualitative diagnostic tool we have developed to assess and explore gaps and strengths in organizations and ultimately help enhance personal leadership development, team dynamics, and thus people performance and bottom-line.

These building blocks have become the basis of our training workshops and retreats and of our success with leaders and their businesses.

By building people and organizational cultures that have a foundation of shared vision and values, so that clear communication, understanding, and trust can be developed, we help people to commit and become accountable to creatively solving problems, taking risks, change and growth.

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