15 Success Principles for Leading an Adventure-filled Life!

  1. Ask for what you want.

  2. Always do right, no matter what.

  3. Love, Forgive, Let Go.

  4. Take responsibility for your own life and results. Magic happens when you do.

  5. Believe in yourself. When you believe, you achieve.

  6. Write down and share your goals and dreams. They will happen!

  7. Be true to yourself, trust your intuition, follow your heart, and always have faith.

  8. Make time to celebrate even the smallest of successes.

  9. Take Risks, Be Bold, Be Courageous! (. . .but make sure you have calculated your risks first).

  10. Embrace problems as obstacles to overcome and opportunities to unfold. Everything happens for a reason.

  11. Appreciate, acknowledge, and compliment others whenever, however, and wherever you can.

  12. Believe that failure is good. It is the only way to learn.

  13. Embrace your fears, and you will grow in courage.

  14. Live from a place of No Regrets.

  15. Learn with Enthusiasm; Lead with Conviction!


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Jonathan is a sought after motivational speaker, inspiring group facilitator, trainer, author, storyteller, and powerful coach in life, leadership, learning, and adventure! He is an educator, motivator, entrepreneur, athlete, leader, and a natural catalyst for inspired, positive growth and change in others. Workshops, seminars, coaching, facilitating, training, speaking engagements, and adventures have taken Jonathan throughout the world. He has worked with a diverse range of groups, and has created and designed experiential educational training materials, multi-media presentations, and lead workshops and adventure- based experiences for over 80,000 youth and adults worldwide.