Custom Facilitation & Coaching

Taking you from where you are on your journey to where you want to be…

Engaged Dialogue + Skilled Facilitation = Authentic Outcomes

When you and your people are in flow and you have a clear vision and direction, your business will be in flow.

As well as providing excellent program design and facilitation for pre-determined training programs, we also design custom programs for leaders and businesses that require unique solutions.

“You are talented and skilled facilitators. A virtual team has many challenges, and these sessions will help us overcome them. Thank you for your listening to and accommodating our needs, inspiring and supporting our goals, and nurturing our growth.”
Sonia Manak, Project Director, Canada National Education Specialist Team

At Pinnacle Pursuits, we believe the success of any training and development program is attributed to the energy, sensitivity, skills, adaptability, belief, and leadership inspired by the consultant, coach or facilitator who helps design the program and drive that process forward.We will help you clarify your vision and align your people with your purpose . . . achieving optimal flow!

  • Engage and support strengths 
  • Assess your competencies 
  • Brainstorm new approaches 
  • Create focus and direction 
  • Commit with purpose and intention 
  • Embark on a metaphorical learning journey.

Our program consultants and coaches will work with you closely so that our facilitation style, approach, and learning content matches who you are, where you are going on your path, and what you need to get there.

Explore your Possibilities! Whether it’s providing a coach to work with you, facilitate a meeting or leadership retreat, to moderate a unique process, to help clarify your new message, blaze a new trail, or design a series of in depth training adventures, we can help.

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